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chevrolet chevy ii nova wikipedia - the chevrolet chevy ii nova was a small automobile manufactured by chevrolet and produced in five generations for the 1962 through 1979 and 1985 through 1988 model years nova was the top model in the chevy ii lineup through 1968 the chevy ii nameplate was dropped nova becoming the nameplate for the 1969 through 1979 models built on the x body platform the nova was replaced by the 1980, chevy nova news reviews amp photos super chevy - check out all latest chevrolet nova news reviews road test photos videos and more from super chevy, scottshotrods scott s hotrods 1955 1957 chevy car chassis - if you are looking for the most complete chassis available for your tri 5 you have come to the right place each and every chassis is built to order per the vehicle and customer specs, chevrolet corvette c2 wikipedia - the 1963 sting ray production car s lineage can be traced to two separate gm projects the q corvette and perhaps more directly mitchell s racing sting ray the q corvette initiated in 1957 envisioned a smaller more advanced corvette as a coupe only model boasting a rear transaxle independent rear suspension and four wheel disc brakes with the rear brakes mounted inboard, 1955 1957 modified pro street show topic list - chevy forums free technical assistance for your restoration and repair model specific subject matter experts classified ads and more, wheels tires how to super chevy - read our latest chevrolet how to tech and diy articles photos step by step tips and more of camaro corvette and chevy from super chevy, chevrolet cars and trucks for sale ebay - i ve had this chevy for 20 yrs and have put 1 000 miles per year on it since i had it it now has 108 500 miles on it my father in law rebuilt the 283 cu in motor before i bought it and it has run fine since i ve had it, picture review of the studebaker from 1950 to the end in 1966 - the studebaker porsche project after ferdinand porsche died his son ferry was asked by the studebaker company to design a new car porsche suggested a 4 cylinder 1 500 cc coupe rear engine car but that was not accepted by studebaker which wanted a 6 cylinder much larger car with a front engine